creation and deletion of ramdisk does not free up kernel address space

Munjal Kapadia munjal_kapadia at
Mon Aug 8 16:27:28 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I do the following:

1. I create a ramdisk the following way:
mdconfig -a -t malloc -o reserve -s 128M

2. then I delete the ramdisk:
mdconfig -d -u md3

3. next, I load a kmod. But I notice that the address
the kmod gets loaded is off by 0x8000000 (= 128M) as
compared to the address that the kmod gets loaded when
i do not create and delete the ramdisk.

Thus, without the creation and deletion of ramdisk, if
kmod loads at 0x822e7000, then with the creation and
deletion of ramdisk, the kmod loads at 0x8a2e7000

Can someone please tell me why?


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