gaim or aim on 5.4 amd64 ?

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Mon Aug 8 02:37:33 GMT 2005

--On August 8, 2005 3:15:14 AM +0200 Kövesdán Gábor 
<gabor.kovesdan at> wrote:
> It isn't a compiling error. There is a tool called portaudit, which
> checks the ports against security vulnerabilities, and gaim 1.2.1 has
> some security issues, thus portaudit prevents You from installing it. Is
> your ports tree up-to-date? I don't think so. Gaim 1.2.1 is pretty old.
> Upgrade yout ports tree via cvsup and try again. If the new version has
> security issues, too, You could decide to configure portaudit to ignore
> this problem.
Portaudit merely reports on security vulnerabilities in the ports. 
Portaudit will not prevent the install of a vulnerable port.  The port 
itself does that, by being marked as FORBIDDEN in the Makefile, because it 
has a vulnerability.

You can configure portaudit to ignore the vulnerability in that port, but 
that won't solve the problem of trying to install the port.  To install the 
port you must either update the port (if it's out of date) or install it 
using DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes when you make the port.

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