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steve lasiter slas7713 at
Sun Aug 7 21:13:26 GMT 2005

I am researching and accumulating information on
setting up my small office network and using a FreeBSD
Gateway/Firewall as my entry point. I am seeking
general FreeBSD advise, know problems, and input on
this topic. I currently have all the equipment up and
configured and now I'm tying it all together.

The computer I will be setting up as the the Gateway
has FreeBSD 5.4 and is a PII 400MHz with 256MB Ram and
9 Gig HDD. I plan on putting two new ethernet cards in
to ensure quality. Any advice on whether this seems
sufficient if this machine is only serving as a
Gateway. I understand a lot will depend on my rules
and traffic so I may up the ram, or get another pc for
it based on advice received here. Also, should I put a
gigabit Ethernet card in my Gateway?-see below topic.

I recently bought two new Dual Pentium 1.2GHz with
SCSI's and both have gigabit ethernet ports along with
the standard ethernet ports. I have the SMP Kenel
configured and the boxes ready to go as a
mail/web/database server and the other as a streaming
video/ftp server. I have six boxes total and will be
adding more. What is going to be the best way to take
advantage of the gigabit ethernet ports on the big
dual boxes? I read that FreeBSD had some issues with
the gigabit ethernets earlier, are there still
outstanding issues? Should I upgrade the other PC's to
gigabit ethernet cards in order to take advantage of
this or should I buy a switch with both port types and
just mix and match?

I'm sure one of you out there has worked these issue
at some point and I need the usual expert advice I
have consistently received from you guys.

Thanks in advance,

Dean Lasiter

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