After Partitioning a Drive: WARNING - WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRCerror (retrying request)

fci ces.fci at
Sun Aug 7 19:50:37 GMT 2005

I had a disk that was giving the same errors so at the time I just
disabled DMA (in loader.conf, hw.ata.ata_dma="0") but I still wanted
to fix it..
so yesterday..
the drive was set as primary (ad2) but I switched it to slave (ad3). 
it seems fine now.


On 8/7/05, Gary W. Swearingen <garys at> wrote:
> Mark Kane <mark at> writes:
> > This is a brand new motherboard. Giga-Byte GA-K8NS Pro. FreeBSD
> > 5.4-RELEASE (amd64).
> >
> > I was also doing some searching around and found a list post about
> > FreeBSD 5 and DMA write problems:
> I've got a GA-K8NSC-939 running 5.4-R (i386) with two 80GB using
> UDMA100 that I've run pretty hard occasionally with dump/restore, diff
> -r kind of operations, with no problems.  I ran 5.4-R (amd64) lightly
> for a few days without noticing disk problems.
> You said one of your disks was a slave. I've read rumors that that's
> a bad thing if its master is a CDROM, but I'd think it should just
> run slower than it's capable of.
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