How to recover data? - Formatted, Fdisk'd, and disklabeled ad1, now ad0 with FreeBSD is messed up

Mark Kane mark at
Sun Aug 7 18:20:55 GMT 2005

Hi everyone. I am in the process of taking the data from 4 NTFS drives, 
copying them to a temporary drive, and then formatting them, and 
creating partitions in UFS to be used with FreeBSD. I was having some 
problems with DMA errors on one of the drives yesterday, so it was 
suggested I try another one of the drives to narrow down the problem.

So last night, I copy a nearly full 60GB drive (ad1) to my 160GB 
temporary FreeBSD drive (ad0). I checksum all the data to make sure it 
all copied correctly, and shut down for the night.

This morning, I came back to format the 60GB drive. I formatted it and 
ran it through fdisk and disklabel. Whenever I do something like this, I 
always make sure I double and triple check that it says the correct 
drive at the top. In this case, it did. It said at the top I was 
modifying ad1 (the 60GB).

I mounted the drive to make sure it worked, and it did. I went to reboot 
one final time, which I guess I shouldn't have done. After rebooting, it 
didn't come to the FreeBSD boot screens. I tried rebooting a few more 
times in case something happened along the way. Still nothing.

I found the FreeBSD 5.4 install CD and booted to the FixIt live 
filesystem. I tried to look for my ad0 data, and I only saw /dev/ad0 and 
/dev/ad0s1. I mounted /dev/ad0s1, and it's my root (/) partition from 
before. I don't see any ad0s2, ad0s3, ad0s4, etc.

As for ad1, I see ad1s1, ad1s1c, and ad1s1d. ad1s1 gives "Operation Not 
Permitted" when I try to mount it. ad1s1c and ad1s1d just show ".snap/" 
directories when I mount and ls them.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very much obliged. The 160GB 
drive (ad0) has two nearly full hard drives' data, and almost 10 years 
of important data on it.

Thanks very much in advance.


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