How do I use ccache and ports?

Björn König bkoenig at
Sun Aug 7 16:12:03 GMT 2005

Gary W. Swearingen wrote:

> /usr/ports/devel/ccache/pkg-descr
> makes that sound like A Good Thing.
> Any ideas why it's not built into cc/c++, 

Because these are compilers, not compiler caches. I suppose it's not the 
task of a compiler to speed up the build process, but rather producing 
good binaries from source code. I think of the Unix dogma "one task, one 

> or FreeBSD scripts?
> Should we all be using it?  Reasons not to?

It doesn't work always, e.g. the FreeBSD 6.0 userland on amd64 won't 
build properly using ccache.

Regards Björn

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student at the Technische Universität Berlin

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