error installing some ports after fress system-install - bsd 5.4

Marcel Lautenbach jeansen at
Sun Aug 7 15:56:16 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

I'am rather new to bsd and just came up with some errors while installing bsd 5.4 .

So, first I've installed bsd the standard way. After installing I went back the the post-configuration.
Then I tried installing some ports for kde and gnome. For the ease of installing I just seleced the meta-ports. I also selected some editors. (emacs and vim)
Well, and that's it. I clicked "Install".
But, after some ports sysinstall came up with an error that said:

Add of package shared-mime-info-0-15_9 abortet, error code 1 - Please check the debug screen for mor info.

and the debug screen said:
tar: Error opening archive: Empty input file: Inappropriate file type or format
pkg_add: tar extract of - failed!
pkg_add: unable to extract table of contents file from '-' not a package?

These errors were the samt the following packages, as well.:

Can anyone help me with this matter? I haven't got a clue what these errors derive from. Did I miss something? Ore is there realy something wrong?


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