5.4 <-> 4.11-stable

Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Sun Aug 7 14:39:39 GMT 2005

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> I have a 24/7 server running FreeBSD-4.11-stable.
> All my other machines run 5.4 though.
> It's easier to maintain one version instead of two, so my question is
> simple:
> Is FreeBSD ready for running 24/7 a day in a *stable* way.
> If yes, I'll upgrade my 4.11 server.

Do you mean stable, literally "the machine doesn't panic permanently" or 
-STABLE in terms of the system API and development?

All FreeBSD releases should not reboot spontaneously, but finally it 
depends on the installed software and the quality of hardware and its 

In case you mean the other term of stable: 5.x has been declared -STABLE 
one year ago.


Björn König (bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de)
student at the Technische Universität Berlin

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