how to deinstall the gnome2-lite port from my system completely?

richard cinema richard.cinema at
Sat Aug 6 14:38:07 GMT 2005

hi everybody,

  i'm a newbie of freebsd although i 've had some exps in linux. so
here comes my problem:

i got 5.4-RELEASE-p6 installed in my pc. after finished the good
"world and kernel building" stuff,i  installed the xorg from port, and
test it after works well. then came the gnome2.

because of the hd and time limit, i chose the gnome2-lite meta port
and compiling is done without any problems.

  i got some " another panel running" error when i enter  gnome2 ,
hmm, the gnome still runs well with this error. but i dn't want to see
it everytime, google told me it could be some kind of gcc3.4
optimising error with pentium4 cpu( i got prescott cpu in my pc ). so
i decide to recompile the whole gnome2-lite port from the very
begining (say from gtk2?).

at first, i try to do a " make deinstall" under
/usr/ports/x11/gnome2-lite . no error occured
except i found all the gnome stuff stay there when i run "pkg_info"
then.   it seems the port did nothing with my "make deinstall"

anybody can help me to figure out a proper solution to this problem?

btw: i know a "silly and slow" way: use "pkg_delete -f " to delete all
the gnome2 and gtk2 packages manually. well, it make me feel like a
type machine:)

so, i'm waiting in front of my pc for the answer.

thx in advance.

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