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Sat Aug 6 04:39:57 GMT 2005

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I am a newbie to freeBSD.

In my job I work with Solaris and RedHat Linux.  Occasionally I work on AIX
and HP-UX servers as well.

I have been fascinated with Linux and would like to have a deeper knowledge
of the OS.  I currently am focusing on the boot process.  Using DOS and
Windows  I can recover from un unbootable hard drive.  RedHat has some
utilities as well.  I would like to know step-by-step ( from creating the
MBR to login) all that is involved in the boot process.  I am familiar with
inittab, rc scripts, gcc compiler, etc.  One day I would even like to tackle
writing a device driver.

With all of that said, is there a place I can help and learn at the same
time?  By the way, I live in Longmont and Work in Louisville.

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