5.4-release install problem - solved

Darryl Hoar darryl at osborne-ind.com
Fri Aug 5 15:32:50 GMT 2005

Well, I got past the problem, but don't know what
caused it.

I downloaded the boot.flp, kern1.flp and kern2.flp
images and made floppies.

Booted using the floppies and did the install off the
burned iso images (the same ones I tried to boot with
and caused the btx: halted).

Installed clean.  Now the machine is running 5.4-rel.

thanks for all who tried to help.


>I went and tried to look at the scrolling text.  It had several
> columsn with "in" "err" "ef1" "cip".  Their is a line that says:
>BTX Halted.
>I'm pretty sure this is not the normal boot process.  I'll look at the
>handbook as suggested.

I found this when I Googled BTX Halted. ss:esp= :

| BTX Loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.01

|> int=00000006  err=00000000  efl=00010246  eip=00001934
|> eax=00021d60  ebx=00000000  ecx=00000000  edx=ffffffff
|> esi=00000000  edi=00020c34  ebp=00094bec  esp=00094bdc
|> cs=0026  db=0033  es=0033  fs=0033  gs=0033  ss=0033
|> cs:eip=0f 44 d6 89 55 fc 46 83-2c b7 00 74 05 83 fa ff
|> ss:esp=00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 ff ff ff ff
|> BTX halted

|did you try a hard power reset after this message?  I have an old
|IBM intellistation that does the same thing with 5.x.  After I install
|I get the BTX halted, but if I cold boot it after the message it
|will boot.

|It sounds like you get the BTX Halted error before you install, is that
|correct? If I remember correctly, the ISO image from the web site
|should have an MD5 hash. Have you compared the hash on the web site
|with the hash of the ISOs you downloaded?


Yes, the BTX Halted error occurs prior to the install.  I tried hard power
after getting the message and it still occurrs.   I verified the MD5 has and
clean.  I am out of ideas.

Is there a special way to burn the iso's in windows using Nero ?  I followed
nero instructions for burning an ISO image disk.


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