Fw: DNS caching: Squid, BIND or anything else?

B. Bonev b_bonev at mail.orbitel.bg
Fri Aug 5 14:25:05 GMT 2005

>> My question is what's the difference between Squid DNS caching and
>> and other programs that cache DNS requests

>>BIND is a DNS server. It will reply to DNS queries from others. Squid
>>DNS won't reply to others DNS queries.

>I want just DNS caching. Is Squid is enough for that task?

>Better use djbdns :)
>It's simple, fast and reliable.
>Ivailo Tanusheff
>Senior System administrator
>ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD

I think that Squid have a internal DNS server. Now, as understand I must
have configure Squid for HTTP req, and BIND or another DNS cache server
for DNS req...

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