Trying to use FreeBSD as a home router, how to setup VOIP to pass through?

Reko Turja reko.turja at
Fri Aug 5 09:11:26 GMT 2005

> computers) behind the freebsd machine (computer 4).  The problem is 
> that i'd like to move the voip router behind the freebsd machine. 
> I'm assuming i need to do some sort of port forwarding to pull this

> I'm using FreeBSD 5.4 stable (week or two old), ipfw and natd with a 
> divert rule in place and practically no other configuration.  Does 
> anyone have any resources on forwarding voip traffic?

I once had done a bit similar setup for our company. Due some quick & 
dirty solutions in our network nodes the VoIP and networked machines 
used same switches but were in two separate network segments with one 
gateway for each in the end of the mother company.

As routing two different IP address ranges via same firewall proved to 
be impossible due gateway issues, FreeBSD bridging firewall came to the 
rescue (with added bonus of getting "invisible" packet filter in the 

There is IIRC quite good documentation on the FreeBSD site concerning 
setting up bridging firewall, so you could check that and use those 
instructions. To be honest I can't remember the VoIP stuff and the FW 
setup I made anymore, but some poking around in web should be able to 
recover those details.


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