getting messages from remote mail box

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Thu Aug 4 22:11:50 GMT 2005

Leonard Zettel wrote:

> All my incoming mail goes to a unix box which
> I access over the internet using kmail.
> I also occasionally get at it using pine.
> Here is my problem: after I use pine
> kmail will no longer recognize the presence
> of any message that was there when pine
> looked at them. How do i reset the message status
> so that kmail can handle them as usual?
> Thanks
> -LenZ-
   The issue is most likely because your email account is POP[3] based.
   Either switch over to IMAP, forward to a specific address that does 
have IMAP capabilities, or use fetchmail to fetch your mail and then 
setup your clients to read from the flat file for your mail/setup a 
server that serves it strictly to localhost.
   For more information about POP3 and IMAP, see 

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