5.x separate /boot slice?

Michael Dexter dexter at ambidexter.com
Thu Aug 4 21:56:10 GMT 2005

>>  I would like to try a separate /boot slice as permitted by FreeBSD 5.x...

>Search the list.  This comes up about once a month, and I've yet to see anyone

>Aside from "it's the way Linux does it", do you have any good reason for
>wanting this?

All of my questions seem to generate that response. :) Trust me, they 
are informed questions. In short:

I, like many "bad" administrators perform updates via ssh rather than 
at the console in single user mode and like many I hold my breath 
while seeing if the machine will reboot.

I was thinking that previous and updated kernels could both coexist 
in /boot and a second root slice (plus usr ... as appropriate) could 
be mounted under /mnt and recive a fresh installation of the updated 
OS, rather than a overlay that requires mergemastering. Yes, I know 
you would need to keep track of the kernel picking the right root, 
yes you would need to keep track of your fstab and of course you 
would need to worry about settings and additional software. That's 
all a pain but if it increases the likelihood that a box will reboot 
after updating, I'm willing to explore it.

In some respects this is a question of dual-booting FreeBSD and 
FreeBSD and I was hoping to share some partitions that are not 
affected by the update process, likely including var and tmp.

Sorry if this was a FAQ. I did search did turn it up.

Did I answer you question?


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