adduser re-writting groups file incorrectly

Derrick MacPherson dmacpherson at
Thu Aug 4 20:36:04 GMT 2005

I have a 4.10 machine thats our internal mailserver. we use NIS for the
accounts, we add a couple local accounts just in case NIS can't be
contacted... We had our software developers make a change to all users
PATH, part of which points to a different version of the su command,
which we've since discovered doesn't work under fbsd (linux all over
here, but i'm trying to change it), that change was made without my
knowing. While I was out for lunch one the admins tried to su and
couldn't, they assumed they needed a local account, so they used the
adduser script to add a user. the next available UID was taken for the
account and when the account was created I think it errored on creating
the home dir, because it happened to clash with a UID out of NIS. The
big kafuffle out of this is that it wrote the group file with the NIS
entry written at the top, which caused mail to stop working as it was
picking up the wrong UID for mail out of NIS. I was able to recreate
this once, but not in 3 more attempts. I guess this isn't a question
just a comment I wanted to toss out there...

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