A secure connection to an SCO Unix 5.2 behind a pf firewall.

eculp at bafirst.com eculp at bafirst.com
Thu Aug 4 11:24:42 GMT 2005

Quoting Martin Welk <mw at theatre.sax.de>:

> On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 05:06:37PM -0500, eculp at bafirst.com wrote:
>> I would appreciate any suggestions for a reasonably secure solution.  I
>> just found all this out and am totally blank.
> Have a look at OpenVPN (http://www.openvpn.org/), it is available as a
> FreeBSD port and it comes with a Windows GUI clients, if your client will
> need that. It allows your FreeBSD box to be the endpoint of the connection,
> and you can set network parameters for the connection from the server side,
> for example, a route to the SCO box for allowing ssh or telnet.

Thanks, Martin.  I'm going there right now.  From what you say that is 
exactly what I need if I can easily keep the users off the LAN by 
restricting them to telneting to the SCO box.  These are far from being 
trusted users.  The connection will be used by a large companies staff 
for everything from accounting system updates to reporte generation, 
and printing.  I don't want them playing there :D.  The more I talk the 
more this sounds like a VERY restrictive jail.

Thanks again,


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