sound vs. PCIX bus

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Thu Aug 4 09:54:15 GMT 2005

On 8/3/05, hal <hl700 at> wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a sound card for the PCIX bus?

You will not be able to find a sound card that's PCI-X. A 16-bit /
44KHz PCM audio stream is something like 1MB/s and the 32-bit / 33MHz
PCI bus can support 133MB/s. I don't think their will ever be a PCI-X
based sound card.... You can use a normal PCI card in a PCI-X slot so
just buy an el-cheapo sound can an stick pop it in there.... We are
talking about PCI-X and not PCI-eXpress, right?

Heres a question for others to answer. How would you setup a sound
alert if for example one of the drives in a RAID 1 failed? This would
be for an ata-mkIII PseudoRAID mirror setup.
And what about email or phone call alert?

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