5.x separate /boot slice?

Michael Dexter dexter at ambidexter.com
Thu Aug 4 08:49:04 GMT 2005


I would like to try a separate /boot slice as permitted by FreeBSD 5.x...


But alas it does not appear to be as simple as simply specifying a 
/boot during setup. This causes the bootloader to complain about not 
finding a kernel given that /boot on the root partition is empty. 
Presumably this is too early in the boot process to link <root>/boot 
to the /boot slice given that the fstab has not been read yet.

Any pointers on how to get this to work?

Perhaps the boot loader needs to be pointed at the /boot slice rather 
than root and a "rootdev" variable fed into a specific loader stage? 
I'm not sure!



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