printing problems with CUPS on localhost server

Daniel Marsh daniel at
Thu Aug 4 07:58:17 GMT 2005

On Thu, 04 Aug 2005 09:13:18 +0800, Graham North <northg at> wrote:

> I just set up my FreeBSD box to act as a printserver.   I used CUPs and
> Samba following great directions found here:
> The printserver works very nicely printing jobs from my WinXP client to
> an hp4l printer attached to Freebsd, however it will not print files
> from itself using lpr.
> A bit of hunting found some "gotchas" at:
> ... and so I tried
> adding symbolic links for the lp and lpr commands as per the author's
> recommendations - see bottom of email.
> The problem still exists however, now instead of getting error messages,
> if I issue a "lpr filename" command, my printer gives a quick blink, no
> errror messages are generated, but neither is printer output - nada!
> Repeat - Samba and Cups work together fine on this elderly hp4l - print
> all sorts from Windows.   Just cannot access from the server itself.
> I am sure that this is a simple configuration issue somewhere -
> my printcap definition, ie:  hp4l|lp|hp4l:rm=
> ps. This was auto-generated from CUPs and oirignally was
> "hp4l|hp4l:rm="
> (I later inserted the lp myself as CUPS does not, either way it doesn't
> work.)
> Can anyone please point me straight on this?
> Thanks,   Graham/

Are you using the lpr that was installed with FreeBSD as part of the base  
or the lpr supplier by the cups-lpr package?

FreeBSD base lpr is in /usr/bin|/usr/sbin and the cups-lpr is in  

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