SIIG CyberPro 4 port

Mike captonline at
Thu Aug 4 04:28:30 GMT 2005

Hello Everyone,

Can someone tell me if they have been successfull at
getting a 4 port SIIG CyberPro working under 5.3? I am
using only 2 of the ports (Modems) and have rebuilt
the kernel with "puc". After the rebuild, all 4 ports
are detected but cannot connect via "cu -l cuaa5".
"cu" just hangs. When done as such "cu -l cuaa5 -s
1200" I can initilize the modem and "cu" does not
hang. I have added the appropriate flags in the
/boot/device.hints as per the FreeBSD handbook but
still no go.

COM_MULTIPORT is not for this card so the it was NOT
added. Any help would be appriciated.



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