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Thu Aug 4 02:11:34 GMT 2005

Wouter van Rooij wrote:
> \
> Hello,
> At the first place, sorry for my bad English.
> My question is:
> How can you, when you're writing a perl program, make a input
> (<stdin>) hidden, so that when someone is typing an input in the
> following program is hidden:
> #!/usr/bin/perl
> print "Your name:";
> $name = <STDIN>
> I would like to get the input like this: ********

# stty plays with the terminal characteristics.
# After disabling echo, anything the user types will no
# longer show up on screen.
# Disabling icanon disables buffering. If buffering is
# enabled, you'll get stdin strings only after the user
# presses enter.

system "stty -echo -icanon";

# use sysread() and syswrite() for unbuffered read/write

while (sysread STDIN, $a, 1) {
	if (ord($a) < 32) { last; }
	$b .= $a;
	syswrite STDOUT, "*", 1; # print asterisk
print "\nyou said: $b\n";

# Return terminal back to standard mode

system "stty echo icanon";
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