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Wed Aug 3 22:33:37 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2 Aug 2005, Sean P. Malone wrote:

> I’m rolling out a new email system and would love it if I could get that 
> system to authentic the user off of our existing Active Directory user 
> database.
> As I understand, the pam_radius module should enable me to achieve the task. 
> However, the only instructions that I’ve been able to find are at:
> While these are helpful, I’m still not able to get my BSD system to 
> authenticate against a MS IAS – although the attempts are logged on the IAS 
> box without error.
> Does anyone know of a good additional source of information?

I've had it working happily both against freeradius and against an ACE 
(securid) radius server, never tried with windows, I may have a go 
tomorrow at work.
The only thing I found was
for ssh authentication I had to have a user of that name on the freebsd 
box, for login/telnet I could use the template_user option. I guess thats 
something in ssh.
Other than that the man pages for pam_radius and radius.conf were enough 
to get it going.

Like I said I'll have a look tomorrow if I get a chance.

> Thanks!
> Sean
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