Making the Leap to 5.4 and 64bit

Wil Hatfield - HyperConX wil at
Wed Aug 3 21:22:22 GMT 2005

First, greetings to the group and nice to meet everyone's acquaintance.

We are getting ready to make a big leap to Dual 64bit Xeon machines
(SuperMicro) and FreeBSD 5.4. We would really have like to stick with 4.11
but from what I am gathering it certainly doesn't support the 64bit

Now on to my questions:

Can anyone share any of their experiences that I may also encounter?
How can I make the most out of SMP and the dual 64bits?
Any undocumented or hard to find settings that I should know about?
Are there any commonly used applications that won't run on this system?

Thanks for your time,

Wil Hatfield

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