running lighttpd with FastCGI

David Banning david+dated+1123515894.562b42 at
Wed Aug 3 15:44:57 GMT 2005

> PHP has a meta-port for cgi: www/php4-cgi. Use that to start. There are a
> few options you have to define, in the Makefile of lang/php4, you will find:

Yes, I just found that reference on the lighttpd website. I actually did
try it, but ran into access problems. I -did- achieve success by compiling
the code available from the lighttpd website.

Just so I understand how to handle options when compiling in the ports;

> .if defined(WITH_REDIRECT)
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-force-cgi-redirect
> .endif

To enable this, in the correct port I would go;

# make install WITH_DIRECT="yes"

Is that the correct syntax for enabling options?

Thanks for your comments. I am now having trouble finding alternatives
for redirection to be placed on the .htaccess file. I don't see any
reference for that on the lighttpd website. I will try to post to that site.

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