antivir-milter question

Norbert Koch NKoch at
Wed Aug 3 14:41:54 GMT 2005

> I've read the docs on antivir-milter, installed it,
> set it up to verify downloaded updates with gpg,
> tested it to see if it's checking mail with eicar,
> & everything's working fine. Only thing is, I'd
> like it to show in my messages that they've been
> checked for viruses & I can't seem to get it do
> that. I know that the AddXHeader setting only works
> in commercial version, but it says if you set the
> ModifySubject to YES that it'll show up, as I
> understand it, appended to the subject. I did that
> & restarted it but still no notice. Any ideas/help
> appreciated.
> Denny White

Just an idea: run antivir through amavis-milter,
as amavis is possibly a bit more configurable.
The port is security/amavisd-new.


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