Dell PowerEdge1850 Won't Take a Freebsd4.11 Installation.

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Aug 3 13:34:20 GMT 2005

Martin McCormick <martin at> writes:

> 	I just powered up a shiny new Dell Poweredge 1850 with the
> idea of installing FreeBSD4.11 on it.  Everything started out okay
> until I got to the part in the Standard Installation where it was
> going to extract the distributions just after formatting the disk,
> actually the hardware raid disks.
> 	At that point, every single distribution prompted the message
> that roughly goes:
> 	User Information.  Unable to extract blablabla from acd0.
> 	So far, game over.
> 	A 750 server which also has a RAID controller is, so far,
> taking the installation perfectly.
> 	The CDROM drive works well enough to boot and the boot process
> looks right until I try to extract the distributions such as /bin,
> etc.
> 	Are there any other things to investigate before saying that
> 4.11 and Dell 1850's don't get along?

Well, I'd certainly expect 5.4 or later, with the ATA and RAID
improvements, to work better, but you're right that it kind of 
sounds more like the CD is giving you the problems.

Check the emergency shell (alt-F4, I think?) for any messages...

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