samba 3 and local wheel group membership

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Wed Aug 3 02:19:17 GMT 2005

[DISCLAIMER: The box in question is a CentOS machine but wheel group
usage isn't common in the Linux world so I'm hoping another FreeBSD user
has run into this.]

I have a box at work running Samba 3 which I have added as a domain
member to an existing Windows domain with a Windows (I believe NT4) PDC.
The box running Samba has no local unix users and groups except for root
and the other builtin accounts.  All user authentication is done through
pam_winbind and user information is handled by inbind.  What I would
like to do is have users that are members of the Windows domian's Server
Admin group gain membership to the local unix wheel group when they
login via ssh to the domain member.  This is mainly to make sudo happy
which doesn't seem to like group names with spaces in them.

I've read chapters 11 and 12 of the Samba How-To but their instructions
appear to be geared towards mapping a domain group to a unix group from
the PDC running Samba.  I've tried the following on the domain member
running Samba based on the How-To:

net groupmap add unixgroup=wheel ntgroup="Server Admin"

But when I ssh in as my user and run `groups` I do not see myself as a
member of the wheel group.  I also can't alter files with wheel write

Has someone else setup their box so domain users that are members of a
particular Windows domain group become members of the local unix wheel
group upon login?  Should I be making changes directly on the PDC and
not through Samba to accomplish this?  Thanks.


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