Networking with FreeBSD

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Aug 2 18:26:09 GMT 2005

Stephan Weaver wrote:
[ ... ]
> Thank You So Very Much for your quick response.

You're welcome.

> I am familar with firewalling, but i never done something like this.
> Mabee you can give me an actual Example from my reference.
> Using my networks ect.

Sure, if I had lots of free time and nothing else to do, I could probably write 
up a security policy, firewall rules, along with pretty network topology 
diagrams and so forth.  But I was up 'til 2AM doing pretty much just that for a 
client yesterday (*), and I'd rather not spend that much effort again today 
without a good cause, or at least more beer.  :-)

There is an expectation on the freebsd lists that you spend your own time to 
learn about the tasks you want to accomplish before asking other people to 
repeat what the documentation says for your own specific use case.  ("Read the 
docs.  Try stuff out.  Ask questions which show what you've done and what the 
specific error message or problem you have is.")

> What i want to do is seperate the network's on the same wire.

Hmm.  Why do you want to put separate subnets on the same wire?

(What does that mean to you, anyway?  Using the same external ISP connection? 
All boxes all on the same ethernet hub?  Something else?  Consider IPsec. :-)


(*): Client is in Denmark.  They wanted stuff "urgently" by this morning their 
time, after getting me something to respond to yesterday at 4PM my time.  Bleh, 
this "global outsourcing" thing really is overrated....

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