package database corruption

dave dmehler26 at
Tue Aug 2 16:45:35 GMT 2005

    I've got a 5.4 box, that was working fine until it somehow lost it's
correct date. A port upgrade was atempted while in this state then when it
failed, it was handed off to me to fix. THe problem is in the f-prot-sig
package, it's not updating it's either wanting v 20050705 or 20050730 it
says 20050730 is install but a portversion -l "<" shows f-prot-sig still
needing updating. I tried just updating that package with portupgrade
f-prot-sig and it said the package wasn't updated because it was already
marked as ignored. I'm hoping i don't have to uninstall and reinstall the
packages on this box, any help appreciated.

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