Networking with FreeBSD

Stephan Weaver stephanweaver at
Tue Aug 2 16:26:16 GMT 2005

Hello Everyone.

We are going to be connecting our Stores to our Main Head Office Via Fiber.
We want to separate our Internal Lan from the store computers.
So we have decided to separate them by networks [ip addressing] because of 

Head Office
I have 3 Servers in my LAN. And 4 Networks in Total inside of out Head 
Office. - Pixel Replication Server - Web Based Server [Delivery Server] - File Server
Including Internet Users. [ Lan ].

The store computers that need to access specific servers, are only on that 
For example.
Store 1, Computer 1 Needs to Replicate [he will have an ip of]
Store 1, Computer 2 [The Delivery Pc]. he will have an ip of
Store 1, Computer 3 Will access the File Server by having an ip of

Now the Risk involved with this is we have no Real Security, For Example.
A Malicious user can easily change his ip address to For 
Example and Get on our Head Office Internal Network. Which We don't Want.

So i would like to Setup, Install And Configure a FreeBSD Based Firewall, 
that will have 4 Network Cards, and will be placed between Our Head Office 
Switch, and out Fibre Switch [Wan].

But AFAIK, By Placing all these network cards in the Same Machine, FreeBSD 
Will Bridge All Those Networks.
How Can i keep the networks Separate, and Secure the Servers by Firewalling 
by ip addressing?

I would appreciate Advice / Suggestions / Anything That will give me a 
better clue on how to secure my network.

Yours Sincerely,
Stephan Weaver

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