ATA over 127 GByte on FBSD 4.8 ?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Tue Aug 2 15:14:16 GMT 2005


> At 12:32 AM 8/2/2005, Mark Terribile wrote: 
> > > [materribile wrote]
> > > > ===I recently replaced smaller drives with a 160G and 250G drives
> > > >(IDE).  ... attempts to access anything above 127G resulted in errors:
> >[Kris Kennaway wrote]
> > > Try 4.11 if you don't want to make the leap to 5.x ...
> > > 4.11 can definitely access >127GB.
> >
> >Looming over this is the possibility that, after I install 4.11, it still
> >won't work, not because of a basic problem in the OS, but because I have
> >some setting wrong somewhere.
> Are you asking for solutions to problems you don't have yet?

I want to solve the actual problem, not make new ones, since ...

> >...
> According to CVS logs, 48 bit addressing first appeared in version 
> of ata-disk.c which was included in the 4.5 release.

Well, if it's supposed to work in 4.5 and beyond, and if it doesn't work on my
4.8, it's a fair bet that the problem is something in my configuration.  If I
don't fix that, 4.11 may not work either, and I'll have the added handicap of
all the additional variables that the update may introduce.  So suggestions
on things to check first are still very welcome.

I'll need to set a whole day aside for the upgrade to deal with surprises.  I
won't get that for at least a week and a half, so I have plenty of time to
check other things first.

    Mark Terribile

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