dual boot with freebsd boot loader

Petre Bandac petre at kgb.ro
Tue Aug 2 10:24:54 GMT 2005


I have the following configuration

ad0s1 - win xp with ntfs 
ad0s2 - freebsd

they were installed in the above order, so now I can use only freebsd

is there a way to configure freebsd's boot loader to be able to boot
from the win partition (I googled around and found boot0cfg (8), but
didn't have the time to play with it)

what I want to know is if (making a similarity with linux's lilo) I can
make the boot loader to  have the options 1) boot win, 2) boot freebsd

I do not want to install grub or other boot loader unless the default
freebsd boot manager cannot be used in the configuration described above



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