ATA over 127 GByte on FBSD 4.8 ?

Mark Terribile materribile at
Tue Aug 2 07:32:12 GMT 2005

> [materribile wrote]
> > ===I recently replaced smaller drives with a 160G and 250G drives (IDE).
> > They were on the Gigabyte motherboard's SiS 963 chipset.  I discovered that
> > attempts to access anything above 127G resulted in errors:
> > ...
[Kris Kennaway wrote]
> Try 4.11 if you don't want to make the leap to 5.x - it's unlikely
> that anyone will be able to help you if the problem is in 4.8 itself.
> 4.11 can definitely access >127GB.

Looming over this is the possibility that, after I install 4.11, it still
won't work, not because of a basic problem in the OS, but because I have
some setting wrong somewhere.  I'd be grateful for suggestions on what to
check -- and for any history about when support for >127 GByte entered
FreeBSD.  (Is this `lba48 support'?)  I did go back and read release notes;
if it was in there I missed it.

    Mark Terribile

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