Wireless access points for FreeBSD 4.3?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Tue Aug 2 05:38:33 GMT 2005

Jamie Ann P. Zamodio wrote:
> Hi, I've been searching the web for compatible
> wireless access points for FreeBSD 4.3. As of yet I've
> been unsuccessful in finding any kind of list. However
> we do have the following base stations in our lab:

FreeBSD 4.3 dates back to early 2001: you are strongly advised to update to 
4.11 or 5.4.  Not only will a lot more wireless devices work under a version 
released in 2005, you even can take advantage of the NDISulator ("Project 
Evil") to run Windows XP drivers under FreeBSD.

Anyway, if you are stuck using 4.3 for unimaginable reasons, I suspect the 
atheros or PRISM-2/2.5 chipsets are what you are looking for.

> Is there any way I can configure my FreeBSD 4.3 server
> to see any one of these? The set-up is, my server and
> base station are connected to a wired network, and
> then I have a wireless client running on Red Hat Linux
> 9 contacting the server through the wireless access
> point.

Your question doesn't make it entirely clear whether you are looking for a 
wireless card/NIC for a FreebSD machine to talk to a base station, or whether 
you are having an issue sending traffic to or from a wired FreeBSD machine to 
some other Linux box via basestation to wireless...?

It may be the case that you want to bridge or NAT a wireless subnet onto your 
LAN, but you should consult your basestation's docs for how to do that; FreeBSD 
would use nothing but normal TCP/IP routing to the basestation.


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