remove all of KDE

jdyke jdyke at
Mon Aug 1 23:09:35 GMT 2005

Gary W. Swearingen wrote:
> Dick Hoogendijk <dick at> writes:
>>On 01 Aug jdyke wrote:
>>>If i `pkg_delete kdebase` will it delete all sub packages. or do those
>>>have to go one at a time?
>>"pkg_delete kde\*" removes most if not all of kde* stuff.
> Using "-r" should also get rid of packages that depend on the kde
> stuff.  You might ought to use "-rn" first, and study output.
> BTW, it seems that pkg_deinstall is meant to be used instead of
> pkg_delete (outside old scripts, anyway).

thanks all.  don't know why i went to the list instead of man so quickly today, 
guess i was a little leary since its a large app with so many ties to other 
apps. as soon as i sent it went to man, got it all uninstalled.  Think i've left 
some files around in the icons/graphics shared folders.

I did see the piece about deinstall and actually ended up uwing that instead.


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