How do I get rid of booteasy??? & re-install windows xp mbr using ntfs???

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Mon Aug 1 18:31:46 GMT 2005

Jerry Tarwid wrote:
> I am dual booting with Winblows XP and FreeBSD. I installed the FreeBSD Boot manager so I can dual boot. I now want to remove it! I have freaking scoured the $@!#$! net & still have NOT found an answer??? Anyone???? I'm using an NTFS volume so fdisk/mbr doesn't work and neither does booting to an xp cd recovery console and using fixboot or fixmbr. The $#!@#$ booteasy boot manager still leaves something in the mbr....nothing works! I cannot believe that I am the only human being on the planet that has encountered this problem! A LITTLE HELP???

Hmmm... "scoured", eh? Googling "FreeBSD MBR uninstall" returns over 
5000 hits. That's probably too many to cope with, but luckily the 
correct answer is listed at least twice in the top five pages. 
(Moral of the story: if your search terms are leading you nowhere, 
try different search terms ;).

Use an XP boot floppy/CD with their fdisk program and "fdisk /MBR". 
If you'd prefer to remove the MBR using FreeBSD, see:

man fdisk

You can also clobber the MBR the same way you installed it in the 
first place: using sysinstall. This will simply invoke FreeBSD's 
fdisk on your behalf, if I'm not mistaken.

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