Migrate primary disk (duplicate)

Alexandre D. alexandre.delay at free.fr
Mon Aug 1 18:20:35 GMT 2005

Interresting thing:
After all this (even restore), I launched sysinstall.
I went in the fdisk section, selected the right disk, the right slice and
pressed S (toggle bottable flags), then w (write changes) and q to quit.
Then I choosed the "Install the FreeBSD Boot Manager".
Now it works. It boots from the second disk.

I don't understand what went wrong in my script.
What do I forget?
Do you understand??


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On 2005-08-01 18:59, "Alexandre D." <alexandre.delay at free.fr> wrote:
> Here is the complete process I follow:
>    sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16
>    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/${disk} bs=1k count=1
>    fdisk -BI ${disk}

The dd/geom stuff shouldn't really be necessary, AFAIK.

>    disklabel -B -w -r ${disk}s1 auto
>    disklabel -R ${disk}s1 generique.disklabel
>    newfs /dev/${disk}s1a
>    newfs /dev/${disk}s1d
>    mount /dev/${disk}s1a ./mnt
>    cd ./mnt
>    dump 0uafL - / | restore xf -
>    cd ..
>    umount ./mnt
>    mount /dev/${disk}s1d ./mnt
>    cd ./mnt
>    dump 0uafL - /usr | restore xf -
>    cd ..
>    umount ./mnt

Hmmm, are you sure restore doesn't write files in their absolute

Also, can you try running boot0cfg on the destination disk, as a final
step, before trying to boot from it?

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