cannot connect to Internet...http proxy?

perikillo perikillo at
Mon Aug 1 03:23:02 GMT 2005

   Hi all.

      In my work, we connect to the internet over one http proxy
(squid) running on fedora, with windows(98/2k/xp) we dont have any
problem to acces to the outside. I have my user and password, the 
proxy have the IP: Port 3128

      I need to access to the internet to update my system because i
only download the mini-iso, and i need to update ports and kernel, i
need to install some packages, but went the /stand/sysinstall ask me
how i want to connect to the internet i chose HTTP Proxy, them he ask:

Please enter the address of the http proxy in this format: 
hostname: port (the ':port' is optional, default is 3128 )

   I give the IP of my proxy:, but he dont ask my user and
password, and say:

"No Such directory:
/snapshots/i386/5.3-RELEASE please check URL and try again"

  We use one DHCP server with windows that give the IP, i receive the
IP, but still cannot connect my freebsd box to the internet, some docs
say that if we receive our IP address from some DHCP we dont need to
worry about the DNS. I dont have nothing on /etc/resolv.conf

  Our subnet is W.X.2.Z  --> my IP is

  I forget something?, i need to ask something more to the person is
in charge of the Internet access?

  I really need to setup freebsd, because we need to test some
software before next friday. Hope you could help me, thanks.

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