process will not die.

Richard Lynch ceo at
Thu Sep 30 19:19:41 PDT 2004

Jason Barnes wrote:
> 	While running an mpirun job on my dual-processor SMP system
> (FreeBSD 4-STABLE from August 28), my program (initiated with the command
> line 'mpirun -np 2 ../sphagr') periodically dies, leaving a process that I
> can't kill -9.  Here's the top:
> 	The 550 process I kill -9ed, but its still there, and now when I
> try to kill it it says 'no such process'.

Is it possible that the process really is dead, but top and/or ps are out
of sync a bit?...

Perhaps 'killall sphagr' would find it, assuming you don't have another
sphagr running already...

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