Which FreeBSD For A Production System

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Thu Sep 30 14:17:36 PDT 2004

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> Which release of FreeBSD is best for a production environment? I am aware of
> the different branches of development: CURRENT, STABLE, RELEASE and I
> *think* I understand the meaning of each from what I have read. Perhaps not
> since I am writing this question! But, what I would like to know is when I
> am setting up a production system, or desktop for that matter, which is
> considered *THE* most stable of the choices in versions. Is it in the 4.x
> branch, 5x etc...

>The most stable version of FreeBSD available today is 4.10.  If your 
>is to get something that will work, stay up, and not have to fiddled with, 
>with that.

>If you've got some time available, beta-testing 5.3 would be very helpful.  
>a matter of a few weeks, 5.3 is going to become -STABLE.  It would be easier 
>to stay up-to-date in the future if you go with 5.3.
If its for a  production system, then the only answer is 4.10. 

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