Which Version of FreeBSD?

Aaron Siegel aj at siegel-tech.net
Thu Sep 30 13:39:18 PDT 2004

I really believe the choose would depend on your requirements and your 
experience. If you are new to open source Unix-like environment then you 
should not use either in version in a production environment unless you can 
afford the cost associated with learning a new system. Do not under estimate 
that cost.  In a production environment I would recommend using a system you 
are familiar with administering.  I hope I do not get too many people mad at 
me for say this.

If you are seating up a file sharing server that works in a windows 
environment you may want to use 5.3. This version adds support for ACL, NSS 
(nss_ldap) , and a bunch of other stuff that I have not be able to explore 

On Wednesday 29 September 2004 19:07, Michael G. Goodell wrote:
> Which release of FreeBSD is best for a production environment? I am aware
> of the different branches of development: CURRENT, STABLE, RELEASE and I
> *think* I understand the meaning of each from what I have read. Perhaps not
> since I am writing this question! But, what I would like to know is when I
> am setting up a production system, or desktop for that matter, which is
> considered *THE* most stable of the choices in versions. Is it in the 4.x
> branch, 5x etc...
> Where can I get clarification on this topic - any direction would be
> welcome.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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