How do you know how to install ports? (like vmware3)

Christian Hiris 4711 at
Thu Sep 30 13:24:32 PDT 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 21:51, bsdfsse wrote:
> >>I'm new to FreeBSD, maybe I am missing something obvious?
> >
> > You probably missed the pkg-message display. In your terminal session,
> > simply scroll back a view lines after the install target has been
> > completed or type 'cat /usr/ports/emulators/vmware3/pkg-message' to view
> > it again.
> Indeed, I was missing those messages, and was able to incorporate that
> information once I was aware of it.  If you're not running X, is there a
> way to get the screen to scroll upwards?

Scroll-lock - Page-up - Page-down

> When I was running XFCE4, the terminal also did not have scroll bars.

xterm -sb

> I will be doing a fresh install after I get something to eat.  I will
> start over from scratch.  Currently I have a lot more info, but now my
> FBSD machine simply reboots when I run VMWARE.
> thx!

In case you still in the need of some detailed VMware setup instuctions, I 
attached some quick and dirty notes I made short time ago. Maybe there is 
something useful for you.  

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Vmware3-,1 on  FreeBSD 5.3-BETA6

1. Check Kernel options:
	options VFS_AIO	(or load aio.ko via /boot/loader.conf)
	options HZ=1000	(should also work w/o)

2. Check /etc/sysctl:

3. Prepare Firewalls and DNS on host-OS/network

4. Install VMware Port

	rm /usr/local/etc/vmware/config
	(if there already exists an old non-working config file)

	cd /usr/ports/emulators/vmware3
	make install
		Do you want to configure vmnet interface?	--> Yes
		Do you want to use netgraph bridging?		--> Yes
		To which interface ...?				--> xl0

5. Read pkg-message and docs.

6. Place your license file under ~/.vmware/

7. Check vmnet1 interface, ip-address/mask in /usr/local/etc/vmware/config:

	vmnet1.Bridged = "YES"
	vmnet1.BridgeInterface = "xl0"
	vmnet1.HostOnlyAddress = ""
	vmnet1.HostOnlyNetMask = ""

	(ip-address/mask should not conflict with your network settings) 

8. Reboot

9. Start vmware
	> vmware

10. --> Settings --> Memory Settings
	Enable Memory Limits:		--> on
	Memory size:			--> use recommend value

11. --> File --> New
	Enter filename			--> YourConfig
					--> OK

12. --> File --> Open -->
	Select Filename			--> YourConfig
					--> OK

13. --> Settings --> Configuration Editor

	* Misc
		Display Name		--> any name you like
		Guest OS		--> select your guest os
	* Harddisk
	IDE drive 0:0 (P-M)
		Device Type:		--> Viriual Disk
		Mode:			--> Persistent
		Name:			--> IDE0-0
		Size:			--> 3999
					--> Create
					--> Install

	* CD-ROM - installation media
	IDE drive 1:0 (S-M)
		Device Type:		--> CD-ROM Image
		Mode:			--> Persistent
		Name:			--> /path/to/your/guest-install.iso
					--> Start connected
					--> Install

	* CD-ROM - vmware-tools
	IDE drive 1:1 (S-S)
		Device Type:		--> CD-ROM Image
		Mode:			--> Persistent
		Name:			--> /usr/local/lib/vmware/isoimages/freebsd.iso
					--> Start connected
					--> Install

	* Ethernet Adapters
		Connection Type:	--> Custom
		Vmnet:			--> /dev/vmnet1
					--> Install
		[Connection Type:	--> HostOnly	should work too]

	* Mouse
		Host Mouse Type:	--> autodedect
		Host Mouse Device:	--> autodedect

		(worked for me, even for an usb mouse. got a warning message about
		fullscreen vga mode will not work - which is true)

	* Sound (if you have a soundcard installed)
		Device:			--> /dev/dsp0.1 (any free snd device) 
					--> Start connected
					--> Install

	* Memory
		Guest size:		--> enter recommend value
					--> OK

14. --> Power on 
		To check or change BIOS settings Enter F2  

15. Install guest OS   

16. --> Settings --> VMware Tools Install --> Install
		Installs display driver, copy'n paste, auto mouse grab/release, time sync
		(requires that guest-OS is up and running)

17. Install guest-OS sound driver 
		Sound Blaster 16, AWE 32 should work


* Some mouse configuration settings might crash the machine on vmware start-up.

* VMmware doesn't work with the x11/nvidia-driver from ports for me.

* If you need to set up a fixed guest MAC address append the line
	ethernet0.address = "00:50:56:xx:xx:xx"
to ~/.vmware/YourConfig - replace xx with the address of your choice.
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