fetchyahoo Failed: Couldn't get challenge to log in

Simon Barner barner at gmx.de
Thu Sep 30 12:55:15 PDT 2004

Huajian Luo wrote:
> hi,guys
>   I installed fetchyahoo and when I run fetchyahoo
> It told me 
> ----
> Logging in securely via SSL as 
> Failed: Couldn't get challenge to log in, Try again 
> later,
> any comments on this?
> Thanks in advance!!!

I remember to have read that they changed their login interface, and
thus fetchyahoo needs to be updated.

A PR is already in the queue, but since the ports tree is currently
frozen, the update will take some time to take place.


If you are very impatienty, you can try the following:

Edit the ports makefile, and change PORTVERSION to 2.8.6.
Now run `make makesum && make build' and see if it works.

No guarantees, of course... ;-)

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