Is there a reverse Network Address Translation???

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Thu Sep 30 12:32:12 PDT 2004

On Thursday, September 30, 2004
stheg olloydson <stheg_olloydson at>
spoke as if he was talking about me.

> Most certainly! I was taking into account the OP's relative newness to
> the unix world. While it may seem condescending, I find newer users
> tend to get overwhelmed when more experienced users try to supply an
> exhaustive answer. For example, bringing up PKI would almost certainly
> lead to a discussion of algorithm choice, etc. The result in these
> cases often is the new user drops out of the thread (and does 
> whatever)while the old hands bikeshed what must seem like (and 
> sometimes is) arcane minutiae. 

I have been using FreeBSD for about 10 months as a hobbyist/learning tool.
I lurk on the lists to pick up pointers and solve my own little problems. 
Because I am retired and am only a hobyist, I do exactly as Stheg has indicated
above. I will start reading a thread to learn something new or it may be
something on my list of features/programs in my future agenda. When it gets 
too deep for my knowledge level, I will drop out and try to make a mental 
note that it will always be in the archives.

In the time I started with FreeBSD, I have installed it on 4 desktops and
2 laptops. I am running 5.3betas on 3 boxes and 5.2.1P9 on the others. I have
solved many of my troubles by lurking and have asked the list a few questions.
I have always received polite, helpful responses even if they did not solve
my troubles. More times than not, I will solve the problems by research rather
than sending to questions.

One needs a strong base to build a large pyramid of knowledge. 

If I were allowed to issue karma points, I would give a couple of dozen to Stheg.

Just my 2 seashells


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