Is there a reverse Network Address Translation???

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Thu Sep 30 10:09:53 PDT 2004

It was said:
>> Obviously, if you can ssh in, so can anyone else. Be sure you use a
>>_very_ good password.
>Would using a public/private key not be better? Any password would
>be guessable.
>Jim Mozley


Most certainly! I was taking into account the OP's relative newness to
the unix world. While it may seem condescending, I find newer users
tend to get overwhelmed when more experienced users try to supply an
exhaustive answer. For example, bringing up PKI would almost certainly
lead to a discussion of algorithm choice, etc. The result in these
cases often is the new user drops out of the thread (and does whatever)
while the old hands bikeshed what must seem like (and sometimes is)
arcane minutiae. 
As the OP uses ssh, he will learn more about it and ask deeper
questions. In the meantime, his network is relatively safe. He asked
about ssh not telnet, after all.
Understand, this is just my personal philosophy, which makes it as
valid or invalid as anyone else's. I'm not saying it is The Right
Way(tm) - even though it is ;).



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