Subject=Freebsd 5.2.1 Performance

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Sep 30 08:18:38 PDT 2004

> How I response to a question?

If you mean how do you respond to a question that has been posted to
the FreeBSD questions, just reply to the question.

Do a "group" reply or "reply to all" or something that makes your
reply go back to the list (questions at as well as the
original poster.

As matters of style:

Break your lines of text at about 72 characters length - either by 
configuring your Email client to do it or by hitting RETURN/ENTER
at about 72 characters length.

Also, turn on inclusion marking and then intersperse your responses
at the appropriate places in the original text to make the
response simulate a conversation - rather than putting all of the
response at the top of the message - eg don't top post.

The most common inclusion marking style nowdays seems to be using
the GreaterThan > character plus a space on all lines includes
as my mailer did with your message above.

People on this list are very easy-going about handling English from
someone who has first learned in another language, but be aware that 
some misunderstandings can come up and it may take some patience
to sort them out.

That should be it.


> Gustavo Ariel Kullak
> e-mail:gkullak at

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