Error mounting Linux ext2fs drive

Damon Butler damon at
Thu Sep 30 06:52:11 PDT 2004

Grégory Nou wrote:
> May sound as a stupid question, but did you actually logged as root, or 
> su before performing this command ?

marcio.mallavazzi at wrote:
 > Have you tried to mount the drive as root?

Heh. Yes indeed, first thing I tried. I've also tried mounting the drive 
as virtually every other user that exists. No dice.

 > What is in the /var/log/messages file?

I'm not sitting in front of the machine, so I can't tell you. If you 
still think it's relevant, I'll fetch a copy of it as soon as I can.

 > What kind of error?

I wish I knew. The error message is no more explicit than "Operation not 
permitted." Seriously. Here's the error in full:

     ext2fs: /dev/ad0s1: Operation not permitted

My attempts at Googling some help have so far proven useless. Bother.

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