broken fs dump file

ict technician ict at
Thu Sep 30 01:47:58 PDT 2004

I have a broken fs dump I need to fix. Is there a diagnostic/repair tool I can 
use? I know about restore -N.

<No I didn't verify, and yes that was a mistake>

Dump was taken on 4.10. Restoring on 5.3BETA, although I can change that. 

Content is our Samba server home directories. I need to extract the data so 
that I can copy it to our new 2k3 server. File is big (50Gb). A full listing 
looks okay but the extract fails, apparently while skipping.

supplementary question: How do I compile restore for debugging. I cannot find 
'the magic'.


i j hart

ICT Technician
Cardinal Newman Catholic School & Community College

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