filtering aliasIP from the primaryIP with IPF

Roisin Murphy Roisin.Murphy at
Thu Sep 30 01:14:53 PDT 2004


my freebsd machine is with one jail running on (dc0_alias), and i have one more separate win2k box:, i want to filter that jail with ipf, so that it cannot
access anything running on that win2k machine and anything bind to the
primary fbsd IP, but i want to be still able to ssh into that .35 jail
filtering the win2k box worked as expected:
pass in quick on dc0 proto tcp from to port
= 22 flags S keep state
block out quick on dc0 proto tcp/udp from to
keep state keep frags
but that primary fbsd IP, since its the same dc0 interface, i dont
know how to write that rule... anyone?


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